Settlers Of Catan Stories: Game Playing Etiquette


“I have no chance of winning….NOW WHAT!”

Saturday Night I found myself in a uncomfortable and unfamiliar position. The chance of winning the game was small, very small. By small, I mean there was a better chance of  David Hasselhoff showing up to personally autograph my 1/18 scale Knight Rider Kitt Model car.

Settlers of Catan is a game that the first player to 10 victory points is well… you know… victorious. My Game Night Bros Greg (aka the Ram) and John (aka the Rock) were at 8 and 9 points respectively.

ME, 3 points and you start with 2. It does not matter how it happened, (ahem — the Ram had more like on a vengeance agenda against me because of all of my winnings in the past.

Henceforth my tag line “You will rue the day you come up against the Extreme.” Did I mention I am aka “the Extreme.” 

SO, do I sabotage the RAM and help the Rock build his winning record?  John is often content to come in second and say “at least I did not come in last.” However, that is a topic for another day or maybe John can explain that. John…..

There is game playing etiquette.

Here are some rules that make sense. Don’t choose the winner just because you know you are going to lose.

This is a sure way to ruin future game nights. It spoils the victory for someone else and this is contrary to good sportsmanship. By playing in such a way that you effect the outcome IS NOT FUN! 

If there is a microscopic chance of winning play it. In my case, the robber taken had to block the dice roll six for them so I was the only player benefiting from the six.

THEN everyone had to roll a six every time.

Remember Dumb and Dumber.…”so your say’n there’s a chance!” This will allow the others to still play strategically without your lop-sided input. Playing any other way IS NOT FUN!

Play fast….There is little worse then a player who has been defeated slowing the game down.

It’s like a Knight Rider Episode with out the Black Trans Am. Without K.I.T.T. the TV show stinks.

Take your turn and pass the dice as quickly as possible. Besides, getting started on the next game IS FUN!

So there you have it. If you find yourself in the position where the game is clearly out of reach, keep these 3 rules in mind and live to play again.

I love playing games with the bros and even though its rare, I’d rather lose with dignity and play again then spoil it for future games.

Besides, there might be a day when David Hasselhoff shows up at my house with a Sharpie. … So your sayin’ there’s a chance!

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