Settlers of Catan Stories: Rock’s Strategy

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Currently I wish to share a little of my game approach with you. In Don’& rsquo; s post he discussed that I typically seem material to find in second, which while that is not real he does have a point.

Settlers is a video game of patience and also vision, and also I am very restless so sometimes I do points that in hind sight I probably need to refrain from doing.

One example of this is that I hate shedding resource cards.

How to Shed Your Resource Cards

There are 4 means you can shed source cards in the video game.

One is by having the burglar on you, which keeps you from getting cards. The second is that the person that put the robber on you likewise reaches take a card from you.

The 3rd is when you have greater than 7 cards and also a “& ldquo; 7 & rdquo; obtains rolled you right away shed fifty percent of your cards.

And ultimately there is a card called the monopoly which permits a gamer to swipe every one of any type of source that they desire from all other players.

I do not like losing cards period.

Just how to Limitation Your Resource Card Losses

So I tend to purchase a great deal development cards which achieves numerous things.

First it maintains me from having too many source cards in my hand, consequently shedding them when a 7 obtains rolled.

2nd I usually get a card called the soldier which enables me to relocate the robber should it get on one of my resource hexes.

Finally from time to time I get the syndicate card which is I enjoy.

Identifying The Mistakes of My Strategy

After the video game is over I usually wish that as opposed to acquiring a lot of growth cards I had actually waited to construct a city, but much too many times I have obtained shed by an ill-timed 7 (costing me half of my cards).

JOHN aka The Rock

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Settlers of Catan Stories: Rock’s Strategy
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