Settlers of Catan Stories: Rock’s Strategy

Now I would like to share a little bit of my game strategy with you. In Don’s post he mentioned that I often seem content to come in second, which while that is not true he does have a point.

Settlers is a game of patience and vision, and I am very impatient so at times I do things that in hind sight I probably should not do.

One example of this is that I hate losing resource cards.

How to Lose Your Resource Cards 

There are 4 ways you can lose resource cards in the game.

One is by having the robber on you, which keeps you from getting cards. The second is that the person who put the robber on you also gets to steal a card from you.

The third is when you have more than seven cards and a “7” gets rolled you immediately lose half of your cards.

And finally there is a card called the monopoly which allows a player to steal all of any resource that they want from all other players.

I do not like losing cards period.

How to Limit Your Resource Card Losses

So I tend to buy a lot development cards which accomplishes several things.

First it keeps me from having too many resource cards in my hand, thereby losing them when a 7 gets rolled.

Second I often get a card called the soldier which allows me to move the robber should it be on one of my resource hexes.

Finally every now and then I get the monopoly card which is I love.

Recognizing The Errors of My Strategy

After the game is over I often wish that instead of buying so many development cards I had waited to build a city, but far too many times I have gotten burned by an ill-timed 7 (costing me half of my cards).

JOHN aka The Rock

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