RISK Stories: Straight Outta Australia

One of the best RISK games I ever played was a draw.  

Early on, in this 5 player game, I found myself stuck in Australia with another competitor. 

We were done for.  It was just a matter of time before one of the other three would march “down under” and take us both out.


Turn after turn we continued to hang around.

Initially I was spread out over three territories and my compatriot had only one, but his army was larger than mine.  However, both of our armies were smaller than the other three players who we were competing with for World Domination.

He could have easily taken me out, but he would have decimated himself in the process, making his army the next easy target.

We quickly reached an agreement.  The next two turns I would transfer my troops all onto one territory.  This would allow me the benefit of consolidating my army and my Australian mate would be able to collect a card by easily taking these territories over the next 2 turns.

The subsequent turns allowed us to continue to reinforce our armies while everyone else continued to attack each other.

Eventually we were both able to exit Australia and we went our own ways.  He went east and I went west.

Each of us quickly turned in 3 card sets and continued to take over territories and reinforced our armies.

Eventually we came face to face again and had to make one more decision – Would we battle each other?

The answer was…NO.  We maintained our truce and continued to achieve World Domination together.

Eventually the RISK board was half blue and half red.  We shook hands and called it a draw because we both came Straight Outta Australia.

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