Cities and Knights Rules

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Cities and Knights is a strategy board game that allows for five to six players. The game features 54 progress cards, divided into science, politics, and trade. Progress cards are used to build roads, settlements, cities, and knights. You can draw progress cards from the pile as you progress through the game. However, progress cards can only be played during certain phases of the game.

To build a settlement, you must first move your active knight. For example, the red player can move his active knight from intersection “A” to any intersection marked by an arrow. However, if there is no road connecting the intersection to “A,” the player can move his active knight to either intersection marked by an arrow.

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One important tip is to build cities at the earliest possible stage of the game. This will improve your economy and ore, two resources that are important in the middle of the game. Also, cities increase your settlement limit. It is important to have access to all five resources. By the time the game ends, you should have access to all five.

When you play cities and knights, you must keep in mind that you can’t use any of your own knights to attack another player’s city. If the other player doesn’t have any knights, it will automatically be considered the weakest. If both players don’t have any knights, they will both lose their city.

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For the game to work, the board must be prepared and mounted properly. The board should have borders, sea fields, and land fields. The board can have double sea fields to represent barbarian ships, and the sea fields can be empty or filled with ports. A variable board will be used after the first play. The basic settlers version does not need construction cost cards or development cards.

Cities and Knights is an expansion for the popular board game Catan. This expansion adds a variety of new gameplay elements to the game, such as knights protecting the land and cities. Additionally, the game introduces new aspects of the game that make it more complex. As a result, you’ll find that you’re spending longer on the game. The expansion is also compatible with the Seafarers expansion.

Players will also have to deal with Barbarians. They have strength equal to the number of cities owned by the players. In addition, active knights will defend against barbarians while inactive knights will not. This is important to keep in mind when playing the game. If the barbarians attack your city, you’ll have to band together to stop them.

Cities and Knights add three new commodities to the game. These commodities are produced by specific tiles. Using them increases the chance of winning. If you’re playing with more than one player, you can purchase the city of the other player. The cities must be located in an area that can support a metropolis.

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Cities and Knights Rules
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