How to Play Backgammon (Rules, Game Set-Up, and Strategy)

How to Play Backgammon (Rules, Game Set-Up, and Strategy) image 0

Backgammon is one of the oldest games and also dates back to the moments of the Roman Realm. Despite the fact that Backgammon is not contemporary it still stands the test of time as well as is a delightful 2 person game.

The standard premise of Backgammon is a race in between 2 gamers. The goal is to get all your pieces residence prior to your opponent can get to the residence setting with their pieces.

Just How to Set up Backgammon

The set up of Backgammon is crucial to the video games general progression. Newbies may discover the set-up to be a little confusing.

Here are a couple of things to bear in mind to make Backgammon set-up easy.

  1. Bear in mind that both side of the board are mirrored by contrary shades.
  2. Remember the number series 5-3-5-2
  3. Lastly, keep in mind that the “& ldquo; 3 & rdquo; is displaced by 1

. Look at the picture listed below as well as you can better comprehend the set-up ideas.

Each player has 4 stacks of pieces on the backgammon board. You will certainly additionally notice that each pile opposite each various other has the very same variety of pieces and also are contrary in shade. So this is what is implied by “& ldquo; mirrored by contrary colors.”

& rdquo; Starting from left to ideal you will discover that the number of pieces in each pile is 5, then 3, then 5, as well as ultimately 2. This is why knowing the number sequence 5-3-2-5 is essential to the set up.

The last pointer has to do with the placement of the stacks. The Backgammon board is divided right into four various components and also each of these components contains 6 Pointer Locations.

The Reminder Locations are spot owners for the pieces as they attempt to get house.

Each of the stacks are all located on an end area as it pertaining to the different components of the board with the exception of the pile including three pieces. The pile of 3 items lies one place away from the end. This is what is implied by “& ldquo; 3 & rdquo; is displaced by 1.

Rapidly keeping in mind these ideas will certainly make Backgammon set up as simple as 1 –– 2 – — 3.

Just How to Play Backgammon

After you get the set-up complete is time to begin the video game.

To start each player rolls one die at the exact same time. The gamer with the highest possible number goes first. The player will certainly make use of the number on both the dice that he threw along with his opponents for his first turn.

If the gamers roll the exact same number they will simply roll again till somebody has a greater number.

Recognizing Just How to Count the Dice

As players move their pieces throughout the board they use the “& ldquo; pips & rdquo; on the dice to do so. The trick is that the pips are not cumulative.

So for example, if you chance as well as the numbers that show up are 5 and also 2 –– THIS IS NOT A 7. This is a “& ldquo; 5 & rdquo; and also a & ldquo; 2. & rdquo; This is among the most tough principles for brand-new gamers to grasp due to the fact that a lot of dice games count the pips as one total number, not two various numbers.

Relocating Your Backgammon Pieces

Let’& rsquo; s continue to utilize the formerly specified dice roll instance of a “& ldquo; 5 & rdquo; as well as a & ldquo; 2. & rdquo; You can relocate among your items 5 areas and another item 2 more places. You can likewise move one item 7 areas if it can arrive by way of 5 and 2 and you are not obstructed by your opponent.

Blocked Spaces, Available Spaces, and Striking Pieces

A room is considered to be readily available if there are no other items on that area.

How to Play Backgammon (Rules, Game Set-Up, and Strategy) image 1

If one player has two or even more items on any area after that this space is no more offered to their challenger.

So again utilizing our example of a “& ldquo; 5” & rdquo; as well as & ldquo; 2 & rdquo; dice roll, a gamer container NOT move their piece to a location 7 rooms away if the two locations that

are 2 and also 5 rooms away are obstructed. EXPLANTION: To get your item to the location 7 spots away you will certainly need to use the 5 area and the 2 pot to do so. You tin NOT move to the location 7 spaces away utilizing the cumulative dice overalls.

If your challenger only has one chip on an area after that you can use that space to move your pieces. When you do this you are striking your opponent’& rsquo; s item. This item is positioned on the bar in the facility of the board

. Any kind of solitary chip on the Backgammon board is unprotected as well as in danger of obtaining hit back to the beginning.

Returning To an Item Back to the Board

When a player has an item is struck off the board they tin stagnate any one of their various other pieces until this is successfully put back into play.

This is merely done by rolling the dice as well as getting a number that corresponds to an open position.

KNOW that this ends up being extra complicated as the video game progresses, since you are trying to come back the game at the quadrant that your opponent is keeping pieces prior to the go house.

Taking Video Game Chips Residence

Each player has a home quadrant on the Backgammon Board. The residence quadrant for each gamer is the quadrant right prior to the residence location for the checkers.

All of the player’& rsquo; s pieces need to be in the house quadrant before any one of the items can be taken to their final residence placement.

Backgammon Approach

Keeping Parts Protected

Backgammon is very dependent upon the dice. If you are obtaining varieties as well as mixes and you opponent isn’& rsquo; t after that merely keeping your items shielded may be enough to win. Nevertheless, throughout a Backgammon game the dice rolls usually even out and this several not suffice.

Striking All Your Challenger’& rsquo; s Parts– Extremely Hostile Approach

It is not constantly possible to secure your items. When you challenger has to leave one of their checkers unsafe after that make every attempt to hit it back to the bar. This strategy will compel your opponent to restart with a lot of pieces making it more difficult for them to win.

Why this approach is so hostile is since when you strike you challenger’& rsquo; s pieces you will unavoidably leave your items at risk also. Clearly if you can prevent this then fantastic –– you will certainly win. If you can not secure your pieces then possibilities are you will both be starting back at the beginning with numerous checkers.

ADVANCED IDEA: Attempt to hit an odd number of opponent items. This makes it harder for your opponent to safeguard every one of their items when they move back via the Backgammon board.


In the procedure of getting your pieces to your house quadrant set up blocks in the process. If you can trap 1 or 2 of your challenger’& rsquo; s pieces behind your blocks then you can restrain their movement ahead and also improve your opportunities of winning.

KEEP IN MIND: In order for this method to have a large effect you will need to establish 3 –– 4 blocks within a 6 position variety. By placing all of these blocks in this range you placed the probabilities that your challengers will roll a number on the dice equal to a block place in your advantage.

Know Mixes, Take Computed Risks, & & Set-Up Combinations

This isn’& rsquo; t as much of a strategy as it is becoming accustomed to the game. From the start position there will always be dice rolls that can be integrated to maintain your items secure. Discovering these number combinations will be handy.

These number mixes will end up being force of habit the a lot more you play. As an example 5 as well as 1, 3 as well as 1, & & 4 as well as 2 are all combinations that can safely move your pieces as an opening action.

How to Play Backgammon (Rules, Game Set-Up, and Strategy) image 2

One more prominent very first move is when you roll a 5 as well as 6. This allows you to securely move among your items from your 2 item setting to your 5 item placement. Nonetheless, this does need you to leave on of your items unguarded.

This unsafe checker remains in the setting that is outermost away from your home quadrant. So doing this is a computed risk which deserves taking. Leaving various other items unprotected during the video game prevails.

When you have leave your item susceptible consider your challenger’& rsquo; s capacity to” & ldquo; Hit & rdquo; you as well as if you can establish that it is much less most likely they will make the strike, then take the danger.

The next step in this process is establishing combinations. This is done by relocating two pieces onto one spot to shield your items and obstruct your opponent.

Setting these blocks up can be done by using the piece you left in danger on the previous move and after that utilizing that item to either relocate into a block or relocating an additional item onto it to produce a block with your following relocation.


Doubling is a policy variant that can be used when both players accept use it.

During the game a gamer on their turn can pick to “& ldquo; Double & rdquo; the video game by utilizing the Increasing Die and putting it on the board displaying the number 2. The various other gamer then selects whether or not they want to accept the double.

If the challenger picks NOT TO accept the “& ldquo; Double & rdquo; after that the game is over and the player who doubled is granted one win. However, if the opponent ACCEPTS the “& ldquo; Dual & rdquo; then the game proceeds and the utmost champion will certainly be awarded two wins.

The Increasing Dice can intensify as much as 64. Any type of player can offer their challenger with the initial “& ldquo; Dual & rdquo;, yet after that the Increasing has to be done by each player alternatively.

When the next Dual is introduced the Dice is looked to 4 and also the game is currently valued at 4 wins.

If the Double goes to 8 then that game would deserve 8 victories.

A Dual at 16 deserves 16 victories.

Increasing at 32 will certainly permit the winner to make 32 wins.

Lastly, if the Dual reaches 64, after that the triumphant player is granted 64 victories.

Other Two Individual Gamings to Think About


If you like Backgammon after that you would probably like Cribbage too. Cribbage is my all-time favorite two-person video game.

The guidelines will certainly take a little bit to learn, yet there is even more strategy with cribbage after that there is with Backgammon that makes it extra fun for those that like their games to be more affordable.


The best two-person video game that produces a high degree of individual competitors is chess. This is fantastic for extremely logical video game players that can manage a hr or more to see the game through to verdict.

Believe It or otherwise (RISK)

Yes, threat can be played with two-people. There are a number of variants that you will certainly need to apply to make this feasible, however when all of the game set-up is done properly Two-Person RISK can be a great deal of enjoyable.

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How to Play Backgammon (Rules, Game Set-Up, and Strategy)
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