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It’s possible to find out the lot number of a Bayer Seresto collar through a lot number lookup. In the past year, numerous reports have surfaced regarding the collar’s use. A New Jersey veterinarian, for example, has asked the EPA to test the collar after receiving reports of severe reactions in dogs. In a 2016 letter to veterinarians, an EPA employee said that the collar had been involved in several incidents reported to the NPIC via the Vet Portal. This organization tracks pesticide-related incidents and reports them to the EPA. While EPA officials did not respond to a request for comment, documents show the EPA has performed several comparative analyses of the collar.

The subcommittee also asked for copies of the manufacturer’s plans for recalls, complaints, and administrative actions related to the collar. They also requested sales figures for the collar in the U.S. Elanco says that its collars are completely safe, but some pet owners have reported experiencing problems such as vomiting, loss of appetite, rashes, and seizures. Despite the company’s assurances that the collar is safe, several pet owners have complained on the Internet about adverse reactions of Seresto collars.

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In one case, a veterinarian who was concerned about Merckle’s dog’s death claimed that the collar was responsible for her dog’s death. The veterinarian reportedly told Merckle to give the dog Benadryl and remove the collar from his neck. The dog did recover, but died the next day. The veterinary assistant who owned another mastiff dog also contacted Bayer and the EPA, documenting the incident. Bayer initially denied that the collar had anything to do with the death of the dog.

Although the EPA cannot confirm that the Seresto collar is a contributing factor in the reported adverse events, a spokeswoman for Elanco stated that the company has worked with regulatory agencies around the world to investigate the issues raised by consumers. The company has also complied with third-party reviews and continues to stand by its product. A recent analysis by Elanco showed that 0.3% of Seresto-treated pets had an adverse reaction to it. The company notes that while these incidents are rare, the incidents do not mean that Seresto was the cause of the ailment.

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The company has stepped up its efforts to prevent the sale of counterfeit Seresto collars and has created a video to educate vets about fraudulent products. The Seresto collar offers protection to pets for up to eight months and has become a popular target for fraudsters.

According to the EPA, Seresto collars are linked to at least one death and five major incidents in pets. Because of the symptoms of pesticide poisoning, it’s hard to pinpoint the exact number of incidents. Consequently, many cases go undetected, and the symptoms are similar to those of other causes.

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Bayer Seresto Collar Lot Number Lookup
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